The Popularity of the Tango

Ballroom dancing is much more than just waltzing around the floor. There are a number of categories in which a couple must be adept. Each competition has its own selection of the dance styles that will be judged. While waltzing is often a basic component, Latino dances have gained in popularity. There will generally be at least one style of Latino dancing. Sometimes there are 3 or 4 dances in this style category. It all depends on the audience and the dancers.

The tango has been a popular dance style for more than a century. While many people believe it is French in origin, it was originally part of the fusion music and dance style of Argentina. As the country became rich during the late 1800's, the sons and daughters of the Argentine upper classes were sent to visit Paris. This was part of their cultural education because Paris was the most important city in the world at that time.

The upper classes of Paris were shocked and intrigued by the Argentine's dances. The tango was originally a dance to attract a mate. It displayed raw sexuality as part of the attraction. Over time, Parisians accommodated the dance into their society, but toned it down. The tango then spread throughout the Western world. It has now become one of the more popular dances for ballroom competitions. Couples are expected to know it and give a credible performance in order to win.

In competition, the couple must impress the judges with their ability to make each movement in the tango into a show of sex appeal. While this dance is not always smooth in nature, each partner must look as if they are perfectly in tune with each other. The steps, turns and dips must all be executed with precision in this Latino dance.