Too Many Lifts

Competition always spurs people to perform ever more spectacular stunts. Ballroom dance competitions are certainly not immune to this method of scoring points. Many judges will take points off for performing too many lifts. This is especially true during amateur competitions. While professionals are expected to do a certain number of lifts, even they are subject to censure by judges for over-using this technique.

Ballroom dance is about dancers anticipating the moves of their partner. Each person in the couple is responsible for ensuring both partners dance smoothly together. They must perform as if they are two bodies with one mind controlling them. This is the goal of ballroom dance and its various competitions. Those that depend on flashy lifts make the mistake of believing flash will score more points than smoothness on the floor. Couples can score as many points for excellent footwork and smooth performance. Avoiding dangerous lifts that break the smoothness of the dance may be the best way to win.