Bringing a Date to the Competition

Professional dance competitions are a popular event to attend with both professional and amateur dancers. Many want to see what new moves have been invented. Some just enjoy seeing people perform a variety of dance styles. Whatever the reason, many dancers bring dates with them when attending these competitions. It may be a way to show a non-dancer the beauty of a way of life for their partner.

The goal of dancers in a competition is to look as if they are a couple on the floor. Many of them do not mix business with pleasure, so they often date people outside of the dance world. This means their competition partner is only someone they dance with rather than date. Amateurs are often taught the same lesson. They work with a specific partner for many competitions in a non-romantic relationship. This makes it easier to endure the emotional tribulations of competition.

Bringing a date to a competition opens a whole new window for any couple. It shows the person's date that is not a dance competitor what the dance world is meant to be. They can share the meaning and investment of their significant other without full participation. This gives them a chance to see why their partner chooses to dance with someone else on a regular basis. It may also alleviate feelings of inadequacy or jealousy in a dating relationship.

Not every person will want to dance, and this goes double for dance competitions. Today's competitions are the product of many hours of learning and practice. For those that work hard to compete, they need the support of their significant other. Attending a dance competition as a couple gives their romantic partner a view of what they hope to achieve through dancing without being romantically involved.