The Popularity of the Tango

Ballroom dancing is much more than just waltzing around the floor. There are a number of categories in which a couple must be adept. Each...


Bringing a Date to the Competition

Professional dance competitions are a popular event to attend with both professional and amateur dancers. Many want to see what new moves have been invented....


Too Many Lifts

Competition always spurs people to perform ever more spectacular stunts. Ballroom dance competitions are certainly not immune to this method of scoring points. Many judges...

Dance competitions have often been a way for professional dancers to be noticed. They work hard and practice their routines to have a chance to win and enhance their careers. A couple can make a fairly good living by competing on the ballroom competition circuit. While there are plenty of competitions for amateurs, many professionals have found this is a good way to earn money while doing something they love.

Over the last decade, ballroom dance competitions have become more popular with audiences. Many people enjoy the beautiful moves and harmony between two people. When the judges make their pronouncements on the routines, many people sit at the edge of their seats. They want their favorites to win and often feel the judges are too lenient on other couples. Growing audience attendance and sponsorship has fueled the growth of these competitions. They are becoming a mainstream event in many societies around the world.